New Martinsville, WV
Software Sites:
CallWave OnLine Answering Machine
Dexterity Software Free Game Downloads
Download.com  Collection of Software
Drivers Headquarters- Up to date drivers for your system's hardware
Galt Shareware Zone-
Happy Puppy  Collection of Games
Jumbo  Shareware Programs
PC Win Resource Center-
Shareware.com  Collection of the Newest Software
Stroud's Consummate WinSock Applications- Also a Good Selection
TuCows- The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Winfiles.Com- Shareware, Drivers, and Info for Windows 95, 98, NT, & CE!! 
Software Downloads:
Adobe Acrobat- Views PDF files online. Great for downloading tax forms.
Crescendo Plug-In - Allows you to hear MIDI files
Cute FTP  For Uploading Files      RCV setup for CuteFTP
Fontlister- Fonts to use on WebPages and documents.
McAfee- #1 in Virus detection and removal. Download your copy of VirusScan Now.
Microsoft Internet Explorer- 
PKZIP/PKUNZIP- necessary for zipping and unzipping files.
QuickTime 32-bit Plug-In for Netscape Navigator - Allows you to view QuickTime movies inside Netscape Navigator.
Real Player Plus- To hear and see your favorites on the web. From the makers of Real Audio.
Shockwave- View Shockwave files with this plug-in.
Winzip- unless you like typing cryptic dos commands, this will ease the use of PKZIP/PKUNZIP and other archive utilities as well.
WS_FTP   popular FTP client for Windows!

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